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Since then, JS has found wide adoption from major companies as a key part of their backend infrastructures. Sometimes it’s just better to stick to the programming language you know if you have the possibility of extending it to both the frontend and backend. Xamarin is an app development platform that uses uniform UI to develop native applications. It can be used to develop apps for Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS.

Web technologies like CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, and Ruby are used to develop progressive web applications. Electron is a framework for creating native applications with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. One of the most interesting things developers can do today with JavaScript is building applications for non-web contexts. This means that you can use JavaScript to create applications that aren’t published on the internet. Android JS is a framework which allows user to build android application with web technology.

To get the best result, you should hire a leading app development company to get the best app for your brand/business. Capermint is the best mobile app development company in Canada & USA. With expert developers and an extraordinary team, they will be able to develop the best possible app for you in a budget-friendly and effective manner. Android JS is a framework for creating native applications with web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. It takes care of the hard parts so you can focus on the core of your application.

The hybrid apps feature a native wrapper that empowers HTML5 to control the entire UX, and they are developed via some wrapping technology like Cordova. A wrapping technology facilitates HTML5 to efficiently access the native functions of a targeted device. Capermint is a leading game & app development company based in Canada. With the 500+ apps & games creation experience, we are providing end-to-end support and maintenance with 100% success ratio. Our highly-skilled team of experts provide world-class services and solutions to our customers whilst ensuring high returns on their investments.

At the end, we have also mentioned frameworks which allows you to build native apps with Vue.js. If you are just starting out, then these free Vue.js courses will come in handy. Also take a look at these Vue.js dashboard templates in case you plan to build a web-app with admin panel. Although there is a huge array of HTML UI frameworks, only a few of them are reliable and worthwhile. Above mentioned are some of the commendable HTML5 UI frameworks that augment mobile app development while ensuring miraculous user experience.

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As you can see, JavaScript is called one of the most popular programming languages in the world for a good reason. React Native allows writing an app’s code in JavaScript and then converting the React components into native components of a mobile platform. This makes accessing hardware features is so much easier for React Native – for example, it provides built-in support for camera and GPS. In theory, you can use any web framework that supports mobile browsers and make it work with Vue and Cordova or Vue and Capacitor. Monaca is an open-source, cross-platform, hybrid mobile app development platform. It is the most open and ready framework that you can easily plug into your existing workflow or development environment.

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JQuery Mobile is an HTML5 based open source and cross-platform app development framework. The rise of Node.js a few years ago enabled developers to extend JavaScript way beyond the browser. The programming language can finally be used on the server-side as well, leading to easier and faster development of desktop applications.

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Development teams use JS to build applications that control embedded hardware frameworks such as Johnny-Five. This framework supports the Arduino single-board computer, allowing teams to write programs that support full hardware access to motors, GPS, buttons, switches, and more. This is all again thanks to the existence of Node.js that allows running JavaScript programs outside of the browser. Which Vue framework, in your opinion, is best for building mobile apps with Vue.js?

  • It offers many components suitable for writing a desktop web application.
  • But businesses are also increasingly interested in building mobile applications.
  • Keen UI is a collection of Material Design UI components written with Vue.js.
  • Weex is a similar framework by the Alibaba group, which works with Vue.js and allows you to build cross-platform native mobile apps.
  • As you can see, JavaScript is called one of the most popular programming languages in the world for a good reason.

If you are using Vue.js in your mobile apps and have a favorite mobile framework then do share with us in the comments below. If you find any Vue UI framework for mobile missing in the above list then don’t hesitate to add it in the comments below. Onsen UI is a popular framework for building HTML5 hybrid and mobile web apps. Onsen offers Framework-agnostic UI components which supports AngularJS, Angular2, React, Vue.js, Meteor as well as plain JavaScript. In this post, we will be sticking to frameworks that are integrated with Vue.js and offer building of mobile apps with Cordova or Capacitor.

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It comes with 3 Vue CLI templates pre-configured with Vuetify to help you get started with a Vue.js based web project. Now, I hope it’s clear that how an HTML5 UI framework can augment the usability of an application. Here are some impeccable frameworks that java mobile apps development make a much sought after choice; let’s explore them one by one. The multitouch support allows the developers to develop various graphically rich widgets for the app. BeeWare provides the users with libraries to access the native capabilities of the device.

js mobile frameworks

While the documentation is mostly available in Chinese, the library offers navigation, view and form components. Getting started with Quasar is easy and it offers its own set of CLI, much like the Ionic framework for out of the box setup and previews. You can build both Cordova as well as Electron with this framework. Android JS provides Node JS runtime environment, So you can write your code in Node.JS and can use any `npm` package which helps to build your app in a quick way. Twitter Bootstrap3 is the most popular UI framework for developing stunning mobile web applications. This advanced HTML, CSS and JavaScript compliant framework enable individuals from a novice to an expert to efficiently develop a desired mobile app.

Vue Native is a framework to build cross platform native mobile apps using JavaScript. So, with Vue Native, you can do everything that you can do with React Native. Ionic Framework offers this Vue based UI library that allows you to built iOS and Android apps from a single code base. It offers an open source mobile UI toolkit for building high quality, cross-platform native apps as well as web apps.

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To get a feel of the framework, check out some of the apps in their showcase. Ionic Vue uses capacitor as the official cross-platform app runtime to make Ionic Vue web app run natively on iOS, Android, and the Web. Build Android apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS based on Node JS. JSter is a community-driven catalog of the most useful JavaScript libraries. The developer just has to write the code once, and then they can use it across all the platforms. Monaca provides four different environments to increase flexibility and convenience during app development.

js mobile frameworks

NativeScript offers truly native apps using Vue.js and NativeScript. NativeScript is an open source framework for building truly native mobile applications using JavaScript. NativeScript-Vue is a NativeScript plugin which allows you to use Vue.js to craft your mobile application. Monaca is yet another commercial mobile application development platform that supports Cordova plugins and HTML5 APIs. It facilitates flexible hybrid application development with cloud based IDEs with resourceful tools and services.

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Needless to say, JavaScript is still one of the most popular technologies for creating websites. This is especially true for website frontend development thanks to the wide range of frameworks, libraries, and tools. NativeScript is well suited to develop apps for multiple platforms within an effective budget and in less time. Mobile app development is a set of process to develop installable software specially for smartphones & mobile devices.

If you are looking forward to building mobile apps with Vue.js, then you have many available UI frameworks to choose from. In this article, we will go through some of these Vue mobile UI frameworks which can be used in building multi device hybrid apps as well as Native mobile apps. Sencha Touch is one of the popular cross-platform HTML5 app development framework. It is an MVC based framework and has gained a great momentum for developing hybrid applications. Adobe Topcoat is a fabulous HTML5 UI framework that offers blissful features to develop modern mobile apps for free.

Framework7 has easy and similar jQuery syntax that helps in getting started without any delay. UI frameworks are basically libraries that empowers developers to efficiently build applications that deliver a high end user experience. These libraries include some CSS and JavaScript based files, which are then required to be used in an HTML file.

Backed by Bulgarian software company Telerik, NativeScript is an open-source, cross-platform native mobile app development framework. The apps developed using NativeScript share the same API as Xcode and Android Studio. The official website continuously provides various learning tutorials and resources of the Framework. The Framework is empowered with Angular, TypeScript, JavaScript, CSS, and Vue.js. As browsers and computers improved over time, so their abilities to support robust web applications.

The ThemeRoller features allow you to drag and drop colors and to download the custom theme so that you can create the perfect UI based on your brand. Weex is a promising framework and already in use by many companies. You can keep yourself up-to-date with the project on GitHubwhich is Apache 2.0 licensed.

You can seamlessly and flawlessly manage the app development process. Framework7 is a free, open-source, cross-platform mobile app development framework that uses CSS, HTML, and some basic JavaScript. It allows the developers to develop Hybrid apps for various platforms.

Use the same code whether you’re developing for web, iOS, Android, or desktop for a seamless update experience for your users. Now, Jeff Atwood was actually making a joke at JavaScript’s expense, but his statement turned out to be true. It offers many high quality components as well as customizable theme file. Keen UI is a collection of Material Design UI components written with Vue.js. It offers numerous Material style components such as for alert, autocomplete, FAB, popover, snackbar, tabs etc.