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Fresh Reports is an organic cat litter box derived from 100% recycled paper which is biodegradable. It is 99% airborne dirt and dust free and odorless. Their fast gripping, riveting pellets contain preparing soda to assist neutralize litter box tray odors.

There is a large amount of research and development at the rear of the producing of this modern day product. This includes the invention of their patented Ammonia Locker technology that helps trap smells from your cat’s waste in a, portable textbox so you can start your day having a clean residence and smelling fresh.

The maker also runs a very good paper recycling program called the PaperGator Relying Software. Recycled paper is taken to 1 of 2 recycling centers, BPV Environmental in Byron Middle, Michigan or Quincy Recycling where possible in Fresh Haven, Indianapolis, where it really is shredded and turned into garden establishment products, mulch, and lawn restoration materials.

This innovative method a must have for anyone pet parents buying high quality, green way to care for their feline friend. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes to install every cat’s taste and wishes, and is convenient on your pocket book with its affordable point.

We will leave it for you to decide which will litter is the best for your pet, but we can say that it is just a tad bit more difficult to details than other pussy-cat litters out there, despite its non-clumping capabilities. This is especially true of this large size pellets, but it is still possible to scoop all of them in the regular fashion employing the hands or a shovel.